Healthy Office Lunches? Where To Look For Good Choices

Healthy Office Lunches? Where To Look For Good Choices

Healthy Office Lunches? Where To Look For Good Choices

8 November 2019
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Is healthy office lunch catering a real thing? Actually, it is. There are a number of restaurants with very healthy options willing to serve your office and pack it all up for easy delivery. Here is where you should be looking for these healthy lunches for all, and what you can expect in these healthy lunches.

Organic Grocery Stores

Organic grocery stores have delis, just like any other grocery store. The good news is that these organic stores do not serve you anything with preservatives, growth hormones, etc. Meats are sliced fresh to order for sandwiches, wheat and whole-grain breads are your only bread choices (you can ask for gluten-free bread too), and all fresh fruits and veggies served are organically grown without pesticides. If this sounds appealing, you can order several "boxed lunches" to be delivered to your office regularly. 


Not to be outdone, bakeries are getting in on the boxed lunch catering service. You can expect a cold sandwich with a few veggie options on one of their healthy, made from scratch daily breads. Cold meat options usually include shaved turkey, sliced ham, chicken salad, etc. These sandwiches are accompanied by fresh-cut veggies or a fresh piece of fruit. Occasionally, the bakery also includes one of the sweet treats the bakery makes, which you can choose to eat or not eat, but the treats are also fresh-baked daily with no preservatives. 

Sub Shops

Sub shops have had catering options for years. They are the original healthy lunch catering option. A wide variety of breads, meats, spreads, sauces, and veggies are available for you to customize your office's sandwiches. Otherwise, you can order a sandwich platter with small sandwiches that are the perfect size for hands and all have exactly the same ingredients on them. (Picky eaters in the office can order their own sandwiches as they like if they do not want to eat a platter sandwich.)

Traditional Caterers

While it is not likely that you are going to hire a professional caterer to bring your office lunch every day of the week, you can get healthy lunches from a caterer for a special event. Tell the caterer exactly what you want, and the caterer will prepare a menu to include only healthy choices. You can choose to get individual lunches for each person or finger foods and platters if you want to have a self-serve buffet. 

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