Why Is Tupelo Honey Unique?

Why Is Tupelo Honey Unique?

Why Is Tupelo Honey Unique?

28 October 2020
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Tupelo honey is an all-natural food. You can purchase tupelo honey from beekeepers that specialize in this sweetener. Here are four traits that make tupelo honey distinctive and special:

1. It is made from the pollen of a single tree.

Honey is made by honeybees in hives. Drone bees fly around collecting pollen from nearby trees. This pollen is brought back to the hive where it's made into honey. The types of vegetation surrounding a beehive will affect the composition and flavor of the honey. Some kinds of honey are made from various types of pollen, but tupelo honey is made from the pollen of tupelo trees. This single-origin honey is highly valued for its rarity and flavor.

2. It is higher in fructose than other types of honey.

All types of honey are high in natural sugars, which give honey its sweet taste. However, the chemical composition of tupelo honey is distinct. Other types of honey contain more glucose than fructose. However, tupelo honey contains more fructose. As a result, tupelo honey may raise your blood sugar levels more gradually. This can be helpful for people with diabetes or anyone who wants to avoid the inevitable sugar high and crash that can come from other sweet foods.

3. It will not crystallize.

Most honey crystallizes as it starts to age. The crystallization process doesn't spoil the honey, but it can make it difficult to pour and negatively affect the texture. Some people resort to complicated methods of decrystallization, including heating their honey in a water bath. Fortunately, you will never have this problem with tupelo honey as it never crystallizes. You can leave your tupelo honey at room temperature for as long as you like and it will always remain smooth and easy to pour.

4. It has a unique taste.

Finally, tupelo honey has a flavor that's unlike any other honey. Since it's made from a unique pollen, the final product has a unique flavor as well. Some tupelo honey lovers describe the taste as fruity. You may detect some light floral notes in your tupelo honey as you let it dissolve on your palate. The delicate, special taste of tupelo honey lends itself well to sweetening honey. Add a spoonful of tupelo honey to your favorite black tea, with or without a splash of milk. You can even enjoy tupelo honey on its own, eaten straight from the jar with a spoon. 

Contact a beekeeping company for information about tupelo honey for sale.

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