3 Advantages Of Flavored Nutrient Water Over Plain Water

3 Advantages Of Flavored Nutrient Water Over Plain Water

3 Advantages Of Flavored Nutrient Water Over Plain Water

27 April 2021
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Plain water is the most common beverage consumed, but it has many pitfalls. Consuming plain water when your body has additional macronutrient and nutritional needs is counterproductive and it may not help you achieve your goal.

Encourage Fluid Consumption

It is usually recommended for people to drink at least half a gallon of water each day. Unfortunately, many people struggle to reach their ideal amount of water consumption, often because they do not like the taste of plain water. In addition to water being plain, some waters can also have a mineral taste that is off-putting for some. Drinking flavored water is often the solution to this problem. Many people find they are able to consume a decent amount of water each day if they enjoy the flavor. Choosing low-calorie or no-calorie flavored water is ideal since it is easy to consume a significant amount of calories through some flavored waters.

Better Hydration

Many people erroneously think water is the best source for hydration, especially for people showing signs of dehydration and heat-related illnesses. This is not always true. Once people have reached the point of heat-related illness, water does little to help them. Waters with nutrition and electrolytes are the fastest way to increase hydration in serious situations. As people become more dehydrated, often through sweating, they have also lost important electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and trace minerals. Not only is being low in electrolytes a serious problem, but electrolyte imbalances can also be serious. In addition to adding electrolytes, glucose should also be included for proper hydration.

Improved Recovery

Depending on the exact nutrients in your enhanced water, the water can also aid in muscle recovery after an intense workout. Some enhanced waters contain glucose and protein, which are both important in recovery. Glucose is a carbohydrate that is stored in the muscles as a fast source of energy. When these reserves are depleted, the body may switch to fat, then muscle as a source of energy. Fat is not considered a good source of energy, especially for short bursts of energy because it takes longer to access and break down. You never want your body to catabolize muscle, especially if your ultimate goal is to increase performance or muscle growth. Consuming protein, especially after a workout, not only improves muscle recovery but can help in building muscle.

Flavored nutrient water can be a better option over plain water for numerous reasons. In addition to flavored water being more palatable to many people, it can also help prevent severe heat-related illness and aid in recovery.

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